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Welcome to Tile Everything, serving Sugar Hill and the surrounding areas. Nothing makes a home or an outdoor living area feel new and inviting like a modern tile installation update.

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Kitchen Tile Installation

Whether it’s outdated tile in your kitchen or bathroom, old vinyl or carpet flooring that you’re looking to dramatically improve, an outdoor area, or a fireplace that needs a face-lift, Tile Everything has done it all and knows what works. From our shower tile installations to Backsplashes, fireplaces, kitchen flooring, bath renovations, natural travertine, basement tiles, patios—our commitment is to give you the options and ideas for your home to bring you phenomenal results. We also take the time to understand our customer’s needs and questions, so you’ll be comfortable every step of the way.

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Tile Everything has “A+ ratings” from our customers and numerous online reviews, so you know you can expect quality and service from the first call. Tell us about your project! We’d love to discuss all your options with you. Call today for a free estimate. You’ll be glad you did.

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Kitchen Tile Installations and Flooring, Sugar Hill


We offer a wide range of residential kitchen tile installation services for ceramic tiles, bathrooms and shower tile installations, vanities, fireplaces, kitchen backsplashes, countertops, entrance floors, and virtually any tiles, stone, granite, slate or marble project.

Our tile layers are experienced in installing tiles. Our work includes the installation of granite, travertine, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, natural stone and much more. We also offer restoration of tile and grout, re-grouting, grout staining, grout sealing, mud pans, or whatever your tile needs.

Residential Kitchen Tile Installation and Tile Layer

Whether your home is new construction or a 1930s craftsman in need of a remodel, we will ensure that your tile installation project is carried out carefully and professionally. We will work closely with you from the initial demolition to completion and ensure that your vision for the remodeling of your tiles is achieved with a high level of craftsmanship and expertise.

We are ready to offer you a competitive quote for small projects or large projects and we are confident that you will be pleased to have selected (Tile Everything) to complete your project.


Our areas of specialization include new building homes and complete residential jobs. Not limited to the renovation and design of kitchens and bathrooms. Tile Everything can address all these needs. Our expertise includes the installation of premiere tiles, extreme product knowledge, creative design and planning, constant communication and coordination with general contractors and subcontractors, and ensuring absolute customer satisfaction for each individual job, no matter how large or small. The reputation of Tile Everything is based on quality tiles, outstanding work ethics with innovative staff, superior product knowledge and customized installation.

Architects, contractors, and designers have endless possibilities in the latest natural stone materials, colors, and surface treatments. The residential portfolio of Tile Everything is constantly growing to offer professionals and their customers with styles that exceed their customer expectations. The range of options is porcelain, natural stone, and mosaics. Whether you’re a contractor, architect or an experienced interior designer, Tile Everything can help tile dreams become reality.

Transform the decor of your home with swirled embellishments, complex patterns, dynamic color – natural stone, porcelain and glass, mosaics and backsplash medallions. Your home is an open canvas, just waiting for creativity and flair to be added. The residential portfolio of Tile Everything is continually updated to offer homeowners styles including polished porcelain, natural stone, and intricate mosaics. However, whether you are shopping for the latest designs or matching colors to the existing motif of your home, our product knowledge can help you with your focus, your vision and your dream using the best options for you.

At Tile Everything customer satisfaction is our first priority. This is obvious when you consider that a large part of our business comes from repeat customers, as well as their family and friends. Many say it, but we mean it, we pride ourselves on quality work at competitive prices. In addition to paying attention to every customer’s details, we have built our reputation by maintaining uncompromising quality standards in our installations. Tile Everything is the absolute way forward!

In addition to our excellent customer relationship, we specialize in new building homes. Our experience with builders in the area was as reputable as it was with homeowners. Our #1 customer satisfaction guarantee extends beyond the neighborhood to new and upcoming housing developments!

Tile Everything has done it all and knows what works, whether it’s outdated tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, old vinyl or carpet flooring that you want to improve dramatically, an outdoor area or a fireplace that needs a facelift. Backsplashes, fireplaces, kitchen floors, bathroom renovations, natural travertine, cellars, and patios — our commitment is to provide you with the options and ideas for your home to deliver great results. We also take the time to understand the needs and questions of our customers, so that every step of the way is comfortable.

We have the experience you are looking for if you have a company that needs tile installation services. We have experienced both small and large tile installation projects and have done several locations for large new build homes and small alike.

Tile Everything has “5stars ratings” from our customers and numerous online reviews, so you know that from the first call you can expect quality and service. Discuss your project with us!  We’d love to talk to you about all your options. Contact for a free estimate today. You will be happy you did.

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